Consignment Policy

Thank you for choosing driftwood! Please read the following carefully. You can access this agreement anytime by visiting our website.

  • All consigned items are the legal property of the consignor during the consignment period.

  • The consignment period is 60 days. An “end period” date will be provided to the consignor.

  • Consignors receive 50% of the sale price for their items. Items not sold in the first 30 days will be marked half off.

  • If items go unsold by the end of the consignment period it is the consignor’s responsibility to arrange via email or telephone a date to collect their items.

  •   Items not claimed within 7 days after the end of the consignment period may be donated or disposed of at driftwood’s discretion.

  • All payments made to consignors will be made ONLY by request of the consignor.

  • Any information regarding consigned items (i.e. sales status of items, consignment period dates, amount of credit, etc.) are accessible online or will be provided ONLY by request.

  • Consigned items will be priced at driftwood’s sole discretion.

  • driftwood reserves the right to adjust the sale price of items or to take items off the sales floor at any time without notice.

  • driftwood also reserves the right to discount consigned items for the purposes of sales or promotions, again without notice.

  • Consignors must receive payment for their items within 90 days after the end of their consignment period. After such time Driftwood may not honor payment requests.

  • Items dropped off for consignment will be processed as expediently as possible. Consignors are solely responsible to collect unaccepted items within 7 days of the drop-off date. After such time driftwood may dispose of the items at their discretion.

  • All reasonable care will be taken, however driftwood ultimately cannot be responsible for loss, theft, or damage of consigned items.

  • Items brought in not pressed or cleaned may be subject to cleaning/pressing charges.